Community based Toursim

Community Based Tourism

Golpata Eco Tours is an active supporter of community based tourism (CBT). One of our goals is to involve the (poor) local people in the tourist sector, so the benefits of the number of visitors will go directly to them.

We have a lot of experience to offer the most interesting tours for small groups and individual travelers.

We plan to assign a local family selected by us through an intricate selection process as regards to the social and cultural background in each of our destinations as hosts. Guests will be served with local delicacies, which will relish their appetite for exotic flavor and taste.
Exploring farmers at work - plowing the paddy fields with oxen and ploughs, preparing the seed beds of sowing in the muddy fields, would be a unique experience

Hindu festival in Bangladesh

If you are lucky, you may discover yourself in the midst of a colorful ritual or religious festival of Hindu community or might even experience a traditional marriage ceramony with age-old social and cultural traditions. Beating drums and cluttering brasses - fume of burning incese - will be a new yet pleasing experience. Watching men from fishermen's community pulling across their long and dark net on big lakes or rivers; joining them to catch the live fish from enclosing captivity of the net, will be a precious addition in your cart.

A walk in the soft sun of late afternoon along the mud track of a village will make our guests feel the sights and sounds of true Bangladesh.

Lacal Lifestyle an culture in Bangladesh

Travel by indigenous means to jump on country-boats and cycle rickshaws to move around the villages. Listening to the live rendition of folk music by the local performers on a dinner under the open sky in a moonlit night will verily give a phenomenal experience. In our package we will include all the interesting tourist sites and wherever available, any cottage and traditional industrial facilities to understand the specialized economic activities of the area.

These will enable the tourists to have an authenitic and firsthand exposure of the local lifestyle and culture. Social interactions with the host families and the local people will offer an interesting insight of the life, culture and tradition of this land to our visitors.

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Fising in village Cooking in Tribal Village River in Bangladesh Tribal market

Harvesting in Bnagladesh Rice factory Sylhet tea garden Traditional Shisha in village market

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